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Decommissioning: teams developing robots to work in radioactive areas

o As hopes rise, cautiously, pending negotiations with Kim Jong-un, many hope to see all nuclear installations safely decommissioned and never replaced. Tom Robinson, Deputy of the Robotics and Autonomous Systems Centre of Expertise at Sellafield, points out in The … Continue reading

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Senior Chinese diplomat restates China’s NFU nuclear policy

The Straits Times and other regional papers are reporting the Xinhua news restating China’s commitment to the principle of no-first-use of nuclear weapons, first made in 1964. It was made by Ms Fu Ying, a veteran diplomat and now chairman of … Continue reading

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Hinkley Point C conflict of interest: consultancy firms working for both government and developers

Alex Ralph in The Times reports that consultancy firms working for the government on the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station were advising the project’s Chinese investor and its French builder at the same time: KPMG, the professional services group, … Continue reading

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Nuclear Posture Review – ‘a bit of drama?’

 A sequel to the last post on the Nuclear Industries site (Feb.1) Defense One, part of the Atlantic Media Group (mission: to inform, elevate and challenge the national discourse) reports the Defense Department’s comment that the threshold hasn’t changed since … Continue reading

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Will America propose first use of nuclear weapons in response to a disabling cyber attack?

Gideon Rachman chief foreign affairs commentator for the FT writes: “The world has been living with the threat of a nuclear apocalypse since the 1950s. Over the past decade, intelligence experts have increasingly warned about the threat of a catastrophic cyber … Continue reading

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Invitation from the Iona Community: February 17th: TRIDENT – WISE?

The Iona Community invites you to this Midlands Regional Event to hear Commander Rob Forsyth RN Rtd Saturday 17th March. 10am – 4pm at the Priory Rooms, 40 Bull Street, B4 6AF.   Rob Forsyth commanded a Polaris Nuclear Submarine … Continue reading

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Nuclear weapons: Duke of Edinburgh clear – Donald Trump ambiguous: one good reason for a state visit

o Lord Fenner Brockway’s private correspondence with the duke was bequeathed to the nation. It was due to remain closed until 2022, but has now been opened to the public and placed in the National Archives at Kew after a … Continue reading

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