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Pork-barrel politics? President Trump has announced the US’ withdrawal from the INF treaty

On 20 October 2018 (below), citing Russian non-compliance, US President Donald Trump announced that he was withdrawing the US from the INF treaty and on 1st February 2019, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the U.S. was suspending the treaty. The INF … Continue reading

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Nuclear weapons tests in the Enewetak Atol: rising sea levels add to the toxic legacy

  The Enewetak Atoll, in the Marshall Islands, is about halfway between Australia and Hawaii. After WWII, the atoll came under control of the US, and in 1948 the first nuclear test was carried out. For 10 years, as part … Continue reading

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December – a good month for burying news of government coercion

  On the 19th December a written ministerial statement was issued by MP Richard Harrington (Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Industry & Energy) following the publication of Implementing Geological Disposal – Working with Communities by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial … Continue reading

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President Putin’s belief in humanity’s common sense and sense of self-preservation

o Tom Parfitt in Moscow reported from President Putin’s annual press conference, attended by 1,700 reporters yesterday. After one of the correspondents asked a question about nuclear war, saying that people used to be afraid of it, the Russian president … Continue reading

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Minister contemplates a “dramatic reversal of decades-long government policy not to commit public funds to the construction of new reactors”

Horizon Nuclear Power (a subsidiary of Hitachi) has been granted permission to clear a square mile on which they hope to build the new Wylfa Newydd B nuclear reactor on the north coast of Anglesey, near Cemaes – reported cost … Continue reading

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As EDF proposes that customers pay in advance for nuclear investment, their Hunterston plant crumbles

The Financial Times reports that the French state-backed power utility EDF is proposing to finance nuclear investment in Britain by charging customers upfront for new infrastructure – a technique commonly used in utilities such as water, airports and power distribution. … Continue reading

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The world’s nuclear weapons & security without nuclear deterrence

Lest we forget This post is primarily aimed at our random visitors – the overwhelming majority coming from the United States and HongKong SAR China. Most of those on this site’s mailing list will have long known about the updated … Continue reading

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