The Hibakusha appeal for a nuclear ban treaty

At the end of November the United Nations Security Council unanimously passed sanctions on North Korea because of their nuclear test in September:


Beatrice Fihn ‏@BeaFihn  Nov 30 retweeted UKUN_NewYork, adding that British nuclear weapons have the same unacceptable humanitarian consequences as North Korea’s. Tim and Steven continued:

un-nukes271 years have passed since the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This is the call of the survivors, known as Hibakusha.

hiroshimaRead their moving appeal here:

In brief:

“So that the people from future generations will not have to experience hell on earth, we want to realize a world free of nuclear weapons while we are still alive.”

Although their average age is now more than 80 years old, the Hibakusha have launched a signature campaign calling for an international treaty to ban and eliminate nuclear weapons, in the hope that no-one will ever have to suffer as they have. They plan to continue to collect signatures until 2020 or until a nuclear ban treaty is concluded.

The first batch of 564,240 signatures collected in August-September 2016 was submitted on October 6 to the Chair of the United Nations General Assembly’s First Committee (on disarmament). New signatures will be submitted annually.

On October 27, 2016 at that same First Committee, the UN adopted a landmark resolution to launch negotiations in 2017 on a treaty outlawing nuclear weapons, with 123 countries voting in favour.

The petition for a new treaty to ban nuclear weapons may be signed here:

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